Open the box

When you receive your Keen, open your box to find:

1.  Keen bracelet (Sporty Keens arrive with the electronic module separated from the strap)

2.  Left, right, and blank fastening pegs (Sporty only)

3.  USB cable

4.  Instruction booklet

5.  Love & awareness!

Charge Keen

1.  Plug the USB cable into Keen's electronic module.  

2.  Attach the other end to a power source, such as your computer or a wall adapter.    

3.  Keen's light will blink while charging and will remain on solidly when fully charged, after approximately 3 hours.

4.  When you unplug Keen, its light will go out.

5.  If you have two Keens, use a permanent marker to mark the back of each module indicating Left or Right.  

Tip: Get in the habit of charging Keen every night as the battery will last 1-2 days, depending on use.

 gif of keen blinking / image of keen solid

Charging Keen


Left/Right Designation

Get Keen's App

1.  Download Keen's training and tracking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play by clicking an image below from your phone or other mobile device.

Wear Keen

1.  After charging, insert the module and a Left or Right peg into your Sporty strap, depending on which hand you plan to wear Keen.  The pegs will keep the bracelet fastened snugly and are also a helpful reminder if you are using two bracelets.  Always wear each Keen on the same hand it was trained for.  

2.  Place Keen on your wrist with Keen's button pointing toward your fingers.  Always wear Keen in this orientation.  

 hand with button & arrow

3.  Slide the peg end of the Sporty strap through the safety loop and fasten the pegs into the strap.   Make sure Keen fits snugly to ensure accurate gesture detection.  

 looping bracelet