Please watch this video of the in-app training process, the key step in seeing success with Keen.

How to Train Keen 

The HabitAware app will walk you through the training process.  Below are instructions to get you started along with some Keen tips: 

  1. Download the HabitAware App in your phones app store

  2. Charge your Keen module

  3. Calibrate Keen after charging - Calibrating Keen helps reduce false positives and takes 5 seconds.  Every time you unplug Keen from the charger, put the Keen device on a flat surface for 5 full seconds.  After 5-seconds, pop the device into the band as Keen is now calibrated. We call this the 5-second rule.  Keen tip:  Write 5-second rule on a piece of paper and keep that where you charge Keen. 

  4. Train your gesture in the location where you typically perform your behavior i.e.: at a desk, in a car, on a sofa.  During training, perform the precursor motion - the scanning motion you do before you pick or pull.  If you’re not sure, don’t sweat it! Most people retrain their first gesture a few times as they get to know Keen and themselves.  Keen tip:  Train one Keen (if you have two), one area, for one week before adding on. 

Hit tip:  We recommend that you associate Keen’s vibration with a “hug” on your wrist, or whatever else makes you happy.  Every time it vibrates, enjoy the hug, have a little party in your head, and celebrate that you are learning where your hands are.  Keen is not 100% accurate, and we aim for 80%.  Plus, false alarms are beneficial in training your awareness muscles.