If you find Keen is vibrating too often or not enough, please follow these steps to adjust Keen's Detection Settings.

False Alarms (pre-alarms), Near Danger Zone (trained area)i.e.: hand resting on chin, head resting on hand, hand touching chin etc. You can try to change your mindset.  These are pre-alarms and good alarms.  Hand resting on chin might migrate to the danger zone (i.e.: trained area/eyebrows). Smile when you get pre-alarms as you are training your awareness muscles!

If you get too many false alarms while doing other activities near danger zone i.e.: drinking vs eyebrow pulling,

eating vs nail-biting, talking on cell phone vs pulling scalp hair etc.

  1. Reduce motion sensitivity from 8 to 7, one number at a time

  2. Calibrate Keen

  3. Turn on Vibration Limit

Too many false alarms away from Danger Zone (trained area), i.e.: Eyebrow pulling vs keyboard typing, Hair pulling vs texting, Face picking vs reaching for the TV remote, Nail-biting vs cooking, 

  1. Tap narrow in the Zone Range

  2. Calibrate Keen 

  3. Turn on Vibration Limit

Not enough true positives: Not vibrating while in danger zone (trained area),

  • Increase the motion sensitivity from 8 to 9, one number at a time

  • Make sure Vibration Limit is disabled

  • Set Zone Range to Wide

  • Delete and retrain 

    If you still have trouble or need assistance, write to support@habitaware.com