Keen Vibrates Too Much or Not Enough

Troubleshooting guide




False Alarms (pre-alarms)

Near Danger Zone (trained area)

i.e.: hand resting on chin, head resting on hand, hand touching chin

Change your mindset.  These are pre-alarms and good alarms.  Hand resting on chin might migrate to the danger zone (i.e.: trained area/eyebrows). 

Smile when you get pre-alarms as you are training your awareness muscles!

Too many false alarms 

While doing other activities near danger zone 

i.e.: drinking vs eyebrow pulling

eating vs nail-biting

Talking on cell phone vs pulling scalp hair

  1. Reduce motion sensitivity from 8 to 7, one number at a time

  2. Calibrate Keen

  3. Turn on Vibration Limit

Too many false alarms 

Away from Danger Zone (trained area) 

i.e.: Eyebrow pulling vs keyboard typing

Hair pulling vs texting

Face picking vs reaching for the TV remote

Nail-biting vs cooking

  1. Tap narrow in the Zone Range in the HabitAware app

  2. Calibrate Keen 

  3. Turn on Vibration Limit 

Not enough true positives

Not vibrating while in danger zone (trained area)

  1. Increase the motion sensitivity from 8 to 9, one number at a time

  2. Make sure Vibration Limit is disabled

  3. Set Zone Range to Wide

  4. Delete and retrain 

Need extra help

For more tips and information click here: How to Train Your Original Keen

Keen Vibrates Away from Trained Area

When you train Keen for your gesture, it is looking for two things - the specific motion of your wrist, and the angle of your wrist with reference to the vertical pull of gravity.  Keen does not know where your head is, where your arms are, or where the ground is.  If Keen vibrates at a different location away from your trained area, your wrist is likely in the same angle with gravity as it was at the point of your trained gesture, and your wrist is making a similar motion as it did when you trained Keen.  

When this happens, please try the following:
1. Delete the trained gesture and retrain it using a slightly bigger wrist motion during training so that when your wrist is in these other locations Keen won't sense a match.
2. When Keen vibrates in these other locations, open your app and narrow the Zone Range setting until the vibration stops.  Then make sure Keen still catches your true gesture at the new settings.  You may need to repeat this exercise a few times until you reach a satisfactory setting.  We likely won't be able to eliminate all false detection, but most people should be able to achieve an optimal balance.  Remember, even false detection helps you develop awareness of your hand position.     

3.  You might also consider using the snooze feature if it's appropriate.  Hold the button down for two vibrations (approximately 3 seconds), and it will stop vibrating for the snooze duration time, set to 7 minutes in the app.  The "snooze duration" is the period of time for which it will go to sleep.  You can bring it out of sleep by holding down the button for two vibrations again at any time when it is asleep, and you can adjust the snooze length in the app.   

Keen Seems to Vibrate Continuously

Motion Sensitivity

If you get too many false vibrations near your danger zone (for example, eating vs. nail-biting), reduce the motion sensitivity 1 at a time.

Zone Range

If you get too many false vibrations far from your danger zone (for example, typing vs. eyebrow pulling), tap to narrow the zone range.

We have a video you can just watch to help you through the training process: Understanding Your Keen

Keen Does Not Vibrate

After being fully charged, you should feel a vibration when you press Keen's button.  If you do not feel a vibration when pressing Keen's button, please open a support ticket at